CBD Bath Fizzy Dust

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Muscles & Joints | Muscles & Joints relaxation. Aroma- Eucalyptus & Peppermint CBD: 4oz bag- 50mg Isolate

Shea Skin | A natural remedy for dry skin, replenishes much-needed moisture. Aroma - Citrus CBD: 4oz bag- 50mg Isolate

Peace & Love | Natural romance booster. Induces relaxation & enjoyment from good night sleep. Aroma- Fresh bamboo CBD: 4oz bag- 50mg | 16oz- 250mg Isolate

YoGrass | Clear your head and reduce stress. Assists in soothing the inner soul.
Aroma- Lemongrass kiwi
CBD: 4oz bag- 50mg

How to use:
Use two scoops of bath fizzy dust in a tub of warm water once a day as needed to relax and let your worries slip away. For the freshest experience, use your bath fizz within six months of purchasing.


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